Code of Fundraising

Code of Fundraising Practice – October 2019

The new Code of Fundraising Practice has been launched by the Fundraising Regulator which becomes mandatory from October 2019.

This regulation applies across the whole of the UK to any charities undertaking fundraising activities, and is best practice for constituted groups.

The Code sets out the responsibilities that apply to fundraising carried out by charitable institutions and third-party fundraisers in the UK.

The Code of Fundraising exists to:

  • promote a consistent, high standard of fundraising;
  • make sure charitable institutions, their governing bodies and fundraisers know what is expected of them;
  • set out the standards we use when considering complaints;
  • provide a benchmark for organisations and fundraisers to assess their practices against so they can identify necessary training and monitor and set policy priorities for their fundraising; and
  • develop a culture of honesty, openness and respect between fundraisers and the public.

You can find out more about the code of fundraising here –