Brand for Growth programme looks for new entrants

Ambitious social enterprises with a high impact potential are being encouraged to take part in an investment competition – Brand for Growth.

To succeed and thrive, social enterprises must communicate well, evidence their worth and compete for business in a busy and innovative marketplace.

Investment in a strong and well thought out brand should be core to ongoing sustainability and growth but, too often, social enterprises struggle to develop the kind that will set the course of future success.

Funded by the Scottish Government as part of the three-year Social Enterprise Action Plan ‘Building a Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector,’ Brand for Growth is a competitive programme aimed at ambitious social enterprises with high impact potential who can bring something to the table themselves.

The programme is being delivered by BOLD, part of the Community Enterprise family.   Some previous examples can be seen at

Applicants need to set out how a strong and strategic brand would impact on their business and how it would build capacity.

To apply please complete a call for proposals which can be downloaded here and email completed proposals to

Deadline: 9am on Monday October 7