Six board vacancies for new South of Scotland Enterprise

The new public body South of Scotland Enterprise is advertising for up to six paid board members.

South of Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) is a new enterprise agency for the area and will start its operations on April 1.

Professor Russel Griggs OBE has recently been appointed as Chair Designate and the Scottish Government is now in the process of appointing board members and recruiting staff.

The vision is for an agency that will take a fresh approach to economic development tailored to the distinct opportunities and challenges in the south of Scotland. Operating in a predominantly rural economy, SOSE will advance inclusive and sustainable economic growth, increase competitiveness, and tackle inequality within the south of Scotland.

It is important that the Board of SOSE is diverse and has members with a variety of different skills, knowledge, understanding or experience which will enable it to work effectively.

Successful candidates will provide and support active leadership, enabling the organisation to deliver its priorities with impact and to work effectively with its partners.

It is unlikely that anyone joining the Board will have all the knowledge and understanding necessary to fully carry out the role from the start of their appointment.

They are looking for individuals who will have the capacity and commitment to grow and develop within the role and who can put the skills, knowledge, understanding or experience they have to use for the benefit of the Board.

They are also looking for a wide range of skills and backgrounds.

To apply you need to meet one (or more) of the priority criteria:

  • experience of contributing to effective corporate governance
  • experience of contributing to the economy or society in the south of Scotland
  • knowledge or understanding of workers’ interests in the south of Scotland
  • experience which would support SOSE’s role in strengthening communities and improving amenity and environment.

All candidates need to meet the general broad board criteria below but only the last one, regarding challenges and opportunities, is being assessed at the first stage

  • Seeing the bigger picture/longer term planning
  • Constructive challenge and support
  • Communication and influencing
  • Knowledge and understanding of fair work
  • An understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the south of Scotland

For more details and the link to the application pack, please see: