Region looks to add to beautiful awards for community groups and businesses

Over 200 people attended the Keep Scotland Beautiful Awards in Dumfries bringing almost £13,000 into the local economy.

The event provided the platform for volunteers, community groups and businesses from across Scotland to come together, share practices and receive awards for keeping their area and communities beautiful.

Local winners on the night included were Brighten Up Kirkconnel; New Luce Gardening Group; The People’s Project; and the Veterans’ Garden

Awards were handed out by Communities Chair and Vice Chair Andy Ferguson and John Martin.

Mr Ferguson said: “These awards allowed us to really put a marker down in terms of showcasing our region.  We organised local walks and tours around the countryside of the region on the day of the awards.  These allowed us to show visitors parts of the region they perhaps wouldn’t normally be drawn to.  The economic benefits of putting the event on in our area are there for all to see and I’m glad this committee agreed to host the awards.”

As part of our commitment to collaborative working across Scotland, councillors will be asked to agree to participating in a national Clean Up Scotland campaign.  It will support local communities, businesses and organisations to encourage local, practical action to improve the standard of local environment quality across the region, and more widely, Scotland.

Another proposal that Councillors will be asked to endorse is the creation of a regional award for Clean DG.  Currently there’s local area awards organised by the council alongside partners, such as Nithsdale in Bloom.  The proposal would see this expanded to the four areas of the region (Annandale and Eskdale, Nithsdale, Stewartry and Wigtownshire), with area finalists coming together for a regional event, held every year.

Mr Martin explained the benefits of this proposal: “We have seen ‘Nithsdale in Bloom’ continue to be supported by local communities and businesses, and we felt it was only appropriate to build on this success and strike while the iron was hot in terms of organising a regional event.  It will bring likeminded groups together from across the region to celebrate success stories and recognise local people for the work they carry out.  I think it is a wonderful idea.”

The ideas will be discussed by councillors on Tuesday.

Picture: Brighten Up Kirkconnel