Sign up to database of volunteers willing to help during an emergency

The Community Asset Register is a Scotland wide database of volunteers willing to help during an emergency.

The database plots assets on a map, so if an emergency incident occurs, those who could help can be identified.

Assets can be people with either skills or equipment.

The Register is currently managed and hosted by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, but the following organisations may also access it when responding to emergencies:

• Police Scotland

• National Health Services (Scotland)

• Scottish Ambulance Service

• Maritime and Coastguard Agency

• Local Authorities

• The Scottish Environment Protection Agency

Volunteers include individuals, organised groups and business owners.

Volunteers have a variety of experience, skills and qualifications gained through work or as a hobby.

Assets can include: 4×4 vehicles, boats, search and rescue, first aid and rope skills.

Current assets registered include:

• Water rescue – boats, life jackets and flotation aids

• Vehicles – 4X4s, lorries, tankers and horse trailers

• Communications – VHF and CB radios

• Aircraft – drones and small planes

• Land Clearance – chainsaws and all terrain clearance machines

• Medical – first aid kits and stretchers

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