Volunteers’ Week – profile with Angus Hoban at Leonard Cheshire

Angus Hoban has made a key contribution to a befriending role after he began volunteering with Leonard Cheshire five years ago.

He came along at a perfect time to support a Leonard Cheshire disabled resident George Halliday who was needing ‘a pal’ to use his energies in the kind of activities and support that Angus could bring.

Angus and George have developed a great ‘man’s man’ relationship where the ‘banter’ keeps them and staff amused every week.

angusThis has included things like being encouraged in ‘how to win at playing pool without cheating’, building bird houses, taking trips out to wildlife visitor centres, building a vegetable garden at the house, renovating a 40 year old adult’s tricycle, building a garden hut and more recently, renovating a ship’s wheel.

Angus is also part of Leonard Cheshire’s dedicated fundraising team and conducts collections throughout the summer months.

His invaluable contribution to the charity and the life benefits enjoyed by George are an amazing example of what befriending with Leonard Cheshire is all about.

Angus also affirms that it’s not a ‘one-way street’ as he too genuinely gains so much from what he does.

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